Hello, hello!

Writing an 'about me' page is weird because talking about myself is not something I'm good at. What I am good at is photography. Photographing food related things, like: farms, dinner, the awesome people who work in the food industry, makes me very happy.

Born in the food industry, my dad built a life for us from his job as the owner and operator of a Western Sizzlin'. I spent many hours in my parents' restaurant, where my first big dream of being a waitress was born. Proud to say the dream of waiting tables was successfully accomplished throughout my twenties by serving people coffee, beer, and great food at restaurants in the Atlanta area. The service industry not only financially supported me, but introduced me to incredible people and experiences that could never have happened outside of the service industry.

The food industry wasn't the only thing passed down to me, as my dad was also an avid amateur photographer. Surprised in the 3rd grade, I was gifted my first Kodak camera. Quickly I began photographing candids of friends, family, and still life scenes consisting of objects from my mom's china cabinet. The fascination of shooting portraits and objects is still evident in my work, or so I'd like to think.

I also love a good laugh, drinking beer and/or bourbon, seeking out adventure with the ones I love, and obsessing over all the cool things that can be done in this short, but sweet life.

Also, I'm a photographer for hire. Let's work together. Contact me at Lizzy@LizzyPhoto.com

PS. I'm also a videographer (for hire!) having worked for some incredible companies like HowStuffWorks, The New York Times, Whole Foods and PeachDish. A small collection of videos is here on my website and resume info is on LinkedIn.

This is me. Hello!

This is me. Hello!